No Show for Blouberg Festival

What a sad state of affairs Blouberg Festival turned out to be. Cancelled the morning of the event, 26th September with no valid explanation exactly as to why.

Blouberg Festival 2015 poster

A pretty cool stage was erected on Thursday 24th and taken down the following day.


Permits required were apparently only issued on Thursday for the festival to go-ahead, thus causing logistical disruption that resulted in the organiser’s cancelling the event, yet the day before, Wednesday 23rd September, both Mi Casa and Gangs of Ballet posted on social media they would not be performing due to a contractual dispute. The posters still went up after Mi Casa pulled out. Ticket sales, tweets and Facebook posts continued promoting the event and food vendors lost out as they’d already catered for this supposed 10 000 person festival. The weather wasn’t playing for the weekend either.

Social media outbursts, nothing substantial from the event organisers, not sure who they are as one of the directors of Synergy Events posted online he knows nothing of the event and not associated with it. Interesting the Synergy Events contact webpage states Maria is the CEO, who according to all sources is the main contact behind the event.

Blouberg Festival website has been edited stating they are busy with changes, check back later for latest festival info. Hmmm, is that what they said last year? Same festival and also a no show.

This was a no show.

Food for thought!

According to the Blouberg Festival event page it’s been re-scheduled to 10 October 2015.

Event was cancelled . . . Again!
Event was cancelled . . . Again!

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