Sushi just got hotter

Evan Zhen, sushi chef gets super creative with his take on modern sushi. Golden Fish on the beachfront is lucky to have such an inspiring food lover on-board. He’s truly creative, pop-in and have a chat to him, he may just create a piece of sushi just for you.

The Chef - Evan Zhen
The Chef – Evan Zhen loves sushi
Seared tuna, served with avo slices and chilli spice.
2015-10-16 18.46.37
A “Zhen” creation. Prawns, accompanied with avo, wrapped in seaweed, emerged into a bed of rice, tucked in with cucumber and a dash of chilli spice.
2015-10-16 18.18.42
The “Zhen” Rose. Enhanced with a touch of cucumber, caviar, avo, mayo and salmon. Rice not needed.
Tuna sashimi, layered with avo. 6 slices = 2 peeps x 3 pieces each. 3 – The number of good luck in Japan.
2015-10-16 18.05.21
Real WASABI served here.



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