Gardening – What to do in April

No gardener who plans, dreams, plays, enjoys and plants with gusto in the gentle month of April can ever be called an April’s fool. Here follows the general tasks and garden maintenance tips for the month from Starke Ayres Garden Centre West Coast Village.

  • Plant winter bulbs from April to May for a splendid Spring show. From the fragrant Freesias to the ever showy Daffodils, Ranunculus, Dutch Iris and Anemone. Plant in SupaGrow potting soil for best result.
  • For the seed enthusiast it is time to sow, Violas, Sweet Alyssum, Lobelia, Phlox, Sweet Peas, Rocket, Lettuce, Broccoli, Peas and Onion. Visit us in-store to choose from our wide selection of organic seedlings.
  • Winter flowering seedlings that can delight all gardens are Dwarf Dahlia’s, Fragrant Stocks, taller delicate Queen Anne’s lace and for the shade colourful Cineraria or Primulas.
  • Feed container plants with Nutrifeed, Nitrosol or Sea Secret to give them a boost before Winter.
  • Plant cool season grasses such as Shady Mix, Evergreen, 4 Evergreen and Play Mix. Prepare beds with Starke Ayres Bonemeal, Superphosphate or a fertilizer high in Phosphate (All Gro 2:3:2) to promote root development. For established lawn, apply Talborne Organics 3:1:5 or a chemical alternative as last application before Winter.
  • Mulch to protect the soil from the heavy rains coming up in the Cape’s winter. You can select products ranging from Bark Nuggets to Peach Pips or Reliance Medium Sifted Coarse Compost.
  • It’s a great time to refresh your hanging baskets to cheer up a winter patio by mixing an assortment of fragrant Freesia bulbs in the pot alongside your favourite Pansy or Viola above. This way you get the benefit of immediate blooms of your seedling and later bulbs that unexpectantly burst into bloom to fill your basket. Apply Starke Ayres Plant Food 3:1:6 (46) monthly to ensure maximum blooms.
  • Snails are prolific in the garden now and could lay waste to all your hard work and newly emerging bulbs or young seedlings. After planting sprinkle Kombat Snail bait or the Organic alternative Ferramol at 1 teaspoon per meter squared.
  • Ants are very busy now and can be controlled by a sprinkle of Ant bait around their nest which they shall take into their nest or for ease of use the RTU (Ready to use) refillable hand applicator which you apply around window or door frames to keep them out or onto their trails to reduce their numbers.
  • Feed citrus trees with Magnesium Sulphate and a healthy dose of 3:1:5.
  • Feed all indoor potted plants with Nitrosol as a foliar or soil drench.

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